May 2014 > Technarte. International art and technology conference
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May 2014

Animal Studio

The world of 3D, protagonist of Technarte2014

The world of 3D applied to different artistic areas, like design, architecture or fashion, will be one of the main characters of this new edition of Technarte, to be held on 29 and 30 May 2014. The explosion of 3D printers in the world of art and design, among other areas, has...

absorbing echoes

Absorbing Echoes by Foteini Setaki

There are growing application areas of 3Dprinting technology within the field of architecture. But not only to obtain a certain aesthetic value in terms of architecture design is concerned, but to creating healthier and safer spaces connecting architectural design with acoustic performance, digital design and additive manufacturing. Architect Foteini Setaki is the...


DARKSTAR PROJECT: The moon shines in the earth

DARKSTAR is an homage to the city, space and time.  The symbolic connection between the Moon, the Earth’s satellite, a Star and people living in the present moment, moves back from a systematic celebration of the past. It reflects the everyday and reminds people of the “here are now”. DARKSTAR does not...

Nanoart blackart

“Nano art blackest black” from Frederik de Wilde

The belgian artist Frederik De Wilde will talk about nanotechnology and will explain the creating of the blackest black material in the universe in combination with 3D printing. As case study, he will use 2 artworks; a) M1NE#1 and b) Quantum Object #1. He will also explore the creative potential of hacking the...