3D scanning residency program
Technarte 3D scanning residency program at a high-tech company in Northern Spain.
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3D scanning residency program

We are looking for one artist to run a unique project to connect the real world with the digital world using 3D scanning technology.


3D Scanning residency

3D Scanning Artistic Residence

Technarte has been working with artists for over 10 years to explore creative ways to fuse art, science and technology, applying high-technology in creative and artistic processes to produce impressive and innovative artworks that reflect the current state of the art in the world. One of our goals is to explore innovative and creative approaches in scientific and engineering fields, enabling artists to work closely with technical teams and with the most advanced technology. Technarte runs a call for proposals each year to enable artists to enjoy an artistic residence in technical environments. And after Art in Antarctica and START Technarte, we will shortly be announcing the 3D Scanning Artistic Residency.

Using 3D digitalisation technology has opened up a wide range of possibilities to artists and architects who are aware of new technology’s potential and connect the real with the virtual world to improve its processes, carry out other hybrids between both worlds or work on artistic creation through digitalisation and digital manufacturing.

At Technarte, we give artists the chance to work with the very latest technology in the field of 3D digitalisation to create an innovative artistic project. We are looking for an artist who can connect up the real and virtual world via a unique, special project.

– 4 MONTHS Artistic residence
– WORKING Whith one the highest definition system



The selected artist will work with high definition, highly accurate 3D digitalisation systems. These systems, used mainly in inverse engineering applications or virtual metrology among others, open up an immense range of technological possibilities in artists’ creative and production processes.

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The selected artist will have the chance to work in a variety of places where they will use the most advanced 3D digitalisation software as well as the machinery and resources needed to carry out the project. In a field related to the world of design and engineering, the artist might connect with engineers working with this technology in other fields such as the automotive or aeronautical sectors.

The greater Bilbao area, in the Basque Country in Northern Spain, is home to the different facilities where the residency programme will be held. This area boasts beautiful natural settings and Bilbao is currently one of the most fashionable cities internationally, a melting pot of popular culture, design, architecture and the best cuisine.


  • 16th of JuneDeadline for Call for applications. Those applications received after will not be taken into account.
  • June 17 to July 6: Evaluation period.
  • 7th of July: Selection of the artist and reserve candidates.
  • September to December 2017: Artistic residence period.


STAY TUNED! We will soon publish the full conditions for the upcoming residency programme.  During the next days we will activate the form for proposal submitions in this page.