Art in Antarctica - Technarte
Art in Antarctica, an artistic residence programme in Antarctica organized by Technarte.
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Art in Antarctica

Call for a scholarship: Artistic residence in Antarctica to create an artwork related to art + technology + Antarctic Continent

Art in Antarctica is a cultural programme that starts up because of the responsibility of taking care of the Antarctic heritage and the environment of our planet. Through the External Relationships Department of the Argentine Government, the Antarctic National Management started this cultural programme leaded by the argentine artist Andrea Juan, whose artwork is based on scientist researches combined with a reflection about the preservation of environment.

Arte en Antártida

Technarte has signed an agreement with the University of Basque Country and the Antarctic National Management, to define a programme for promoting the participation of a student of Fine Arts Faculty from the Basque Country University in Art in Antarctic 2015 edition. This collaboration guarantees the presence of a student from Basque Country University with an art project based in the Antarctic Continent and in the direct relationship between art and technology. This opportunity is an artistic and technologic challenge for the selected student, who will travel to Antarctica during October and/or November in order to create his/her artwork in a unique and inspirational environment. The selected project will be also presented in the 2016 edition of Technarte, and it will be part of an itinerant exhibition that will take part in 2016 with other students from Spanish universities.

Among the activities promoted by Technarte, the development of artistic projects in scientist environments establishes an opportunity to continue the research on the relationship between art, science and technology. This necessary relationship generates new ways of understanding the science and technologic world in a more creative and playful way. In the other hand, this relationship allows the materialization of new and innovative art disciplines which cause a revolution in the way we connect with the art world.


Art in Antarctic

You may read the requirements of this call for a scholarship promoted by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Technarte and the Antarctic National Management here. In these requirements, you will find out more about the requirements of participation and the commitments with the environment that the selected student should achieve during the stay in Antarctica.

Through past editions of Art in Antarctic, artists from all nations and from different artistic disciplines have developed their projects in Antarctica. Related to art + technology projects, we can highlight the artist and engineer Joaquín Fargas, who was speaker at Technarte in 2014 and took part in 2011 edition of Art in Antarctic, where he developed Utopia project, a fanciful fight against melting of Antarctic Continent. In the same way, other projects related to technologies such as microscopic photography or interactive installations with light have been part of previous editions of this cultural programme.