Asher Levine, from design to pioneering fabrication techniques.
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Asher Levine, from design to pioneering fabrication techniques.

American designer Asher Levine is in the process of designing and constructing a Biker Jacket for Items: Is Fashion Modern, the MoMA’s second-ever fashion exhibition that will open on Oct 1, 2017.

For this exhibition that displays 111 influential staple garments and accessories, Levine is commissioned to construct a futuristic biker jacket prototype of the 21st Century. Natural geometries are the foundation for Asher Levine’s design philosophy. His current inspiration dives into the microscopic realm of the butterfly archetype where the design plays with various resolutions of butterfly egg textures.

Asher Levine

Asher Levine designing in his studio in New York. from Asher Levine’s Web.

Asher Levine is an American fashion designer. He is the designer for his eponymous progressive label, Asher Levine, known for its mad scientist meets luxe aesthetic and pioneering fabrication techniques.

Designing the Future

From design to fabrication, creating modern style is the essence of Asher Levine. In the studio, Asher invents new fabrication techniques that enhance the industry’s understanding of fashion, which has gained a cult following amongst musicians, celebrities, and innovators. The designer specializes in leather and synthetic material manipulation as well as computer technology integrated fashion. In the world of music, he has designed for Lady Gaga, Demi Lobato, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, Jake Shears or Rita Ora among others.

Demi Lobato Album

Futuristic dress for Demi Lobato “Confident” Album. By Asher Levine


Though custom designs have formed the foundation of the label’s notoriety, his debut women’s and mainline menswear collection have begun to garner attention of its own. Levine’s earlier designs were featured in the November 2011 issue of Vogue Italia, photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by legendary stylist, Patti Wilson. His designs have also been featured in major publications such as i-DNuméroInterview MagazineL’Uomo VogueVogue and Rolling Stone.

For his latest collections, Levine utilized draped boiled wools, molded leather scales and accessories, exotic furs, and laser cut crepe silks that encompass his perspective on fashion. This collection brings his mad scientist meets luxe aesthetic and cutting edge body scanning technology into an intimate setting reminiscent of the original Paris shows of the 1930s. Most of Levine’s work focuses on made to measure and local manufacturing. Asher Levine is known for incorporating technology within clothing, but this is the first time he enhances the manufacturing process with intelligent optical measurement software.

Asher Levine Future

Asher Levine Future, photography by David Edwards.

In Technarte Los Angeles, Asher Levine will present AL Catalyst, that is the creative agency arm that collaborates with other brands and technologies to accelerate product innovation. It focuses development on a specific product category and materialize uniquely new product attributes through inventive utility and form. AL Catalyst envisions products of the next generation and develops ideas through innovative collaboration studies that encompass experimentation and prototyping, with a goal to provide revolutionary concepts for future market viability. This creative area is specialized on technology integrated wearable products, hardware and software development, design and utility IP, rapid prototyping and testing, internal R&D consulting and licensing and distribution.

Asher Levine designs for Taylor Swift | Bad Blood

Asher Levine’s designs explore the interplay and fusion of textile innovation and technological advancements all to re-envision the human experience, through collaborating with pioneers and their respective fields. Levine’s interest in technology was also seen in one of his previous collections, where he transformed “fashion into function” as noted by MTV Style journalist, Chrissy Mahlmeister. The designer partnered with software developer, PhoneHalo to showcase clothing and accessories with embedded microchips that communicate with your smartphone. The microchips possess GPS locating technology enabled through an application that is readily downloadable to any smartphone.