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Technarte brings to Bilbao the Art of the Future

The human being as a source of energy through his own vital rhythm; the application of new artificial senses in the body to capture the reality that we can't perceive; the hidden digital code behind the everyday life or the perfect fusion between science and music born from the nuclear...

Asher Levine

Asher Levine, from design to pioneering fabrication techniques.

American designer Asher Levine is in the process of designing and constructing a Biker Jacket for Items: Is Fashion Modern, the MoMA’s second-ever fashion exhibition that will open on Oct 1, 2017. For this exhibition that displays 111 influential staple garments and accessories, Levine is commissioned to construct a futuristic biker...

Raven Kwok, artista digital

Raven Kwok; the beauty of coding for creating generative visual artworks

Raven Kwok is a Chinese artist, designer, creative developer and freelancer. He says that he does everything thrown at him. Coding expert creating artworks through computer programming, he began learning to code with Flash in the early 2000s inspired by pioneers such as Yugo Nakamura or Eric Jordan (do you remember...