Dancing with synapses

What happens when you get an idea? What is a synapse and how does it work?

These are central questions in two exhibitions presenting the brain and our ability to create and innovate.
Dancing with Synapses is a playful installation that lets the visitor catch, steer and connect synapsis by walking, dancing and moving around on a living. floor. The synapsis connects with the players feet and while moving around and exploring the living floor, the synapsis will find a match. The room will react with light, sound and animation -exciting and inviting. The idea behind this application, is to create an organic, ambient and changeable visualization/ animation to illustrate and interact with the process when synapses connects.
It is designed as a playful game-installation that serves as an eye-opener of how the brain makes us creative and innovative. Groups and individual visitors are invited to play in a cool embracing gathering place for better understanding of how the brain works:

Take aways:
• The brain is plastic
• We can train the brain to be more creative
• Collaboration creates more ideas and innovations-impulses
• Visibility of synapses and coupling processes

Dance with synapse from Interactive Institute on Vimeo.

Ubicación: Fecha: 19/05/2016 Hora: 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm Martin Törnros Madeleine Kusoffsky