Nonsense Technologies


Nonsense Technology is an artistic concept and strategy executed trough series of works and exhibitions. It combines science, art and technology on many different levels.

It’s main goal was the attempts of understanding and artistic reaction to Technopoly. Consequent repeating of such attempts result in never-ending series of experiments on myself and the surroundings. This experiments are based on coherent but not purely scientific logic.

Nonsense Technologies by definition are created in opposition to finality, productivity and effectivity. In the scientific sense the selection of such independent variables doom my experiments for a failure since you can’t expect changes in dependent variables.

What’s important these technologies are different from those which went out of use or become outdated because of technical and scientific progress. When used in art practice they allow a dose of scientific distance without falling into indiscriminate fascination with technical novelties. They help to avoid pitfall of resting only on visual attractiveness of created artworks. Additionally they allow to concentrate on the process rather than on effect or result.

Technology becomes here a method to ask questions, process of research without a need for the unequivocal answers. Nonsense Technologies reveal new sense of research beyond usual understanding and well defined solutions.

Ubicación: Fecha: 19/05/2016 Hora: 10:30 am - 11:15 am Przemysław Jasielski