Neil Leach

Neil Leach is an architect, theorist and Professor of Digital Design at the European Graduate School. He is also a Visiting Professor at Harvard GSD, FIU and Tongji University, a NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Fellow, and a member of the Academia Europaea.

Neil Leach has published 27 books, which have been translated into 6 other languages. His publications on digital design include Designing for a Digital World (Wiley, 2002), Digital Tectonics (Wiley, 2004), Emerging Talents, Emerging Technologies (2 volumes; CABP, 2006), (Im)material Processes: New Digital Techniques for Architecture (2 volumes; CABP, 2008), Machinic Processes (2 volumes; CABP, 2010), Fabricating the Future, (Tongji UP, 2012), Scripting the Future, (Tongji UP, 2012), Digital Workshop China (Tongji UP, 2013), Design Intelligence: Advanced Computational Research (CABP, 2013), Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Design Research (Wiley, 2014), Robotic Futures (Tongji UP, 2015), Digital Factory (CAUP, 2016), Interactive Futures (Tongji UP, forthcoming) and Swarm Intelligence: Architectures of Multi-Agent Systems, (Tongji UP, forthcoming).

He is currently working on a research project funded by NASA to develop a robotic fabrication technology to print structures on the Moon and Mars.

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