Przemysław Jasielski

Przemysław Jasielski (1970) was born in Poznań (Poland). He graduated Academy Of Fine Arts in Poznan. He obtained MA in sculpture and drawing.

Since the diploma Jasielski has been creating installations, objects, drawings and photographs combining art with science and technology in many different ways. In the creative process he approach the work with the attitude of an engineer, adapting the precise planning and scientific research, however focusing on the conceptual content rather than used techniques or materials. A lot of these works explore rituals of everyday reality taking up a specific game with imagination and wisdom of a viewer, with his habits shaped by daily routine of contemporary world and his own presence in it. Most of them is in a close relation to the space and interactive – spectator is allowed to play with them or even to change their shape.

His works confront actually present reality with it’s transformation to allow the viewer observe it in a new, fresh way. They usually contain specific, critical sense of humour that is not irony or cynicism, but is in a way serious. They often try to take actions commonly seen as impossible, useless, ineffective or too difficult.

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