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Manel Muñoz

Manel Muñoz (born 10 October 1996) is a Catalan photographer and cyborg artist based in Barcelona. He has co-created and installed in his body a cybernetic sensory organ to perceive the atmospheric changes from his surrounding. Now he can feel the atmospheric changes through vibrations in his ears that go up or down depending on the air pressure values of each moment and he can have an approximate knowledge about the forecast and the altitude he is at.


Manel started this project in 2017 being the residence of the Cyborg Foundation in Barcelona. He calls “sensography” to the transcription that our biological senses do in our brain and now he practices the creation of new sensographies as an art practice through applying new artificial sensory organs to the body. He also has co-created, with the cyborg artists Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, the Transpecies Society, an association in Barcelona that gives voice to the people with non-human identities, advocates for the freedom of self-design and offers the development of new senses and organs.


Currently, he is working on the second prototype of his new artificial sensory organ for the atmospheric sense with which he will also have Wi-Fi connection and a different sensory system than the previous prototyope.


On Sensography

On sensography


“On Sensography” is a talk about a new artistic discipline that emerges from the application of new artificial senses into the body in order to capture the reality that we can’t perceive. The talk exposes a comparison between photography and sensography, explains the creation process of a new sensory organ to sensograph weather changes and explains the experience of adding a new cybernetic sensory organ into the body. It also gives information about the Transpecies Society, an association co-created by Manel and the cyborg artists Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas that has been founded to give voice to people with non-human identitis, to advocate for the freedom of self-design and to offer the development of new senses and organs.