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Toni Ventura, founder and managing director of Datapixel, speaker at Technarte Bilbao 2018
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Toni Ventura

He is a Telecommunications Engineer (option: Electronics) from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain. He is the founder and managing director of DATAPIXEL in Spain. Specialized Technological Consultant for CARSA.He is Member of the Executive Committee of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and of some international committees working on standards, one of them is the OSIS committee (Optical Sensor Interface Standard) of the ia.cmm.Former Manager of the Computer Vision Centre (CVC). Author of a great variety of technicals papers and seminars in Computer Vision, Image Processing, 3D Vision y Virtual Metrology for the industrial and medical areas.


DataPixel manufactures the contactless dimensional inspection systems OptiScan and developes 3D-vision high definition technology. Furthermore, Datapixel concieved M3Software, a software of digital metrology that is revolutionizing the measurement processes.


Datapixel has been designing, manufacturing and commercializing Optiscan 3D and giving solutions to the quality control of the manufacture of automobile and aerospace components for the last 18 years.

The optic scanners of DataPixel are capable of capturing and controlling the dimensions and shapes of different 3D items, such as metallic stamping components that conform a bodywork, carbon fiber pieces for fuselage or engines, machined pieces for engines, motor turbine blades or technical pieces of plastic.

The Datapixel scanners are internationally well-accepted and allow manufacturing companies to do a dimensional inspection with micrometric precision. Additionally, Datapixel manufactures optic sensors that allow the measurement of small pieces with nanometric precision for the most accurate systems.