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Carefully crafted elements come together into one amazing design
  • Smart Materials

    Smart materials and novel actuators: Creative applications in art and design

    Come to Technarte and find out how smart materials, together with 3D printing and fabrication technologies, can be exploited in the creative realisation of kinetic and interactive art and design objects. The smart materials are characterized by exhibiting changes in their physical properties in response to external stimuli. Peter Walters will show how......

  • Nanoart blackart

    “Nano art blackest black” from Frederik de Wilde

    The belgian artist Frederik De Wilde will talk about nanotechnology and will explain the creating of the blackest black material in the universe in combination with 3D printing. As case study, he will use 2 artworks; a) M1NE#1 and b) Quantum Object #1. He will also explore the creative potential of hacking the......

  • DarkStar

    DARKSTAR PROJECT: The moon shines in the earth

    DARKSTAR is an homage to the city, space and time.  The symbolic connection between the Moon, the Earth’s satellite, a Star and people living in the present moment, moves back from a systematic celebration of the past. It reflects the everyday and reminds people of the “here are now”. DARKSTAR does not......