Nebula by Technarte Studio
Nebula, the digital installation that combines the three focuses of Technarte: innovation, technology and internationalization.
innovation, artwork, digital installation, technology, tech installation, internationalization
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Nebula is a real time installation designed by Technarte Studio for CARSA company in 2017. The challenge was to represent the history and essence of CARSA through the 30 years working in the management of innovation. The installation was designed with a planar mosaic video wall formed by 8 HD-47′ LCD screens with a custom made steel structure.
The final installation represents about 30 years of innovation knowledge using millions of documents and pictures generated in CARSA during those years.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, CARSA organized an open event on June 9th at 6pm in Bilbao. During the event, the attendees enjoyed the history, present and future of CARSA through its 3 fundamental pillars: innovation, technology and internationalization.

The event followed with a performance of the Norwegian artist, Gisle Martens Meyer who was speaker in Technarte Bilbao in the 2017 edition, that merged technology with music and managed once again to translate into art each of the changes that society is experiencing due to digitization.

The evening concluded with a cocktail on the Bizkaia Aretoa terrace and with an exhibition of Nebula installation that showed  images related to the evolution of the company flowing in an unlimited digital space. The art piece, gathered many curious minds around it and people who felt identified with certain images.