What we do? Art and technology
Technarte is a pioneer company specialized in developing technology to create innovate art and creative artificial intelligence.
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Our Company

In Technarte, our main objective is to disseminate the importance of the fusion between art and technology as a way for the development and knowledge of the fields of art, technology and science. For that purpose, we carry out different actions based on promoting this rapprochement between art and technology.



The International Conferences on Art and Technology have become an international reference for artists and professionals from the world of technology, who attend annually in order to discover and share the most innovative works and artistic projects that use technology as a primary tool of creation. Around these conferences, a professional environment is generated during the two days of presentations, in which projects are shared, and new ideas and opportunities are produced. This is, definitely, a unique opportunity to enjoy professional networking with speakers and attendees.


During the two-day annual Conferences an immersive environment is created both in terms of work and leisure connecting art, science and technology.


But we do not only organize the annual conference, also we carry out other projects and activities that enhance the convergence of art and technology.


We have more than 10 years of experience of managing artists. During this time we have discovered and worked on new disciplines emerged from the fusion between art, science and technology as nanoart, art and robotics, architecture and interactive sculpture, bioart or mobile art among many others..

We know at first hand the most representative international artists of these artistic disciplines called to break with force into the art world. We install and design exhibitions with individual artists or group exhibitions. Contact us if you need to prepare an exhibition or you want to accommodate a sample of a particular artist or discipline related to art and technology.

Artistic installations

We don’t take the art outwards. We make of the outwards art a display of interactive facilities.

We turn the viewer into the artist and the street into an innovative museum. Contact us and we will convert the space you want in an artistic, technological and interactive environment in which viewers are creators to turn the work in real time.

We design and manage facilities and sculptures both indoors and outdoors. This supposes a new participative way to enjoy contemporary art.

Art and technology projects

We are able to design and implement the most unlikely projects you can imagine. Art technology in Antarctica, Art and Astronomy or the fusion between different cities of the world through technological works in the metro.

If you want to be part of innovative artistic projects with an international impact, be ready to get involved in Technarte in a new form of artistic creation linked to science and technology.

Consultancy and workshops

In addition to our International Conferences, we design organize workshops and talks with international artists in order to promote creativity and innovation in companies or universities. We also advise on the design and implementation of strategies related to art and even we design exhibitions and cultural programs in the field of art, science and technology.

Contact Technarte if you are interested in working in any of these areas or you need us to help you to develop them in your workplace.





We are aware of the enormous potential of the fusion between Art, Science and Technology. That’s why we have been working for more than 10 years fostering and creating knowledge regarding these important areas for the development of our society. Technarte highlights the importance of the union between Arts, Science and Technology as a vessel to generate ideas and innovative opportunities, not only within the Arts, but also in Science and Technology.



Workshop Joaquín Fargas

The Argentinian Bio – Artist Joaquín Fargas during a workshop prepared by Technarte for the students of the University of the Basque Country – EHU

These ideas transcend the limits of the artistic creation itself while venturing within the product design, improvement of different processes or the new communication tools and the added value for event organization among other things. In the cultural and artistic field the use of the most innovative technologies offer infinite possibilities for the improvement of the artistic experience consumption.

Dwelling in the world of the Arts we can find new and groundbreaking disciples that arise from the union between Art, Science and Technology while creating a very interesting debate about the different ways in which we approach and understand this special world and its traditional references. Through the union between Art, Science and Technologythe different agents that take part in the coalescence of these areas, we are redefining the future of the Art and working for use of the most innovative Technology in the processes of Art creation and forthcoming.






These are our goals…

  • To spread the importance between the union of Art, Science and Technology as the basement for the development and knowledge of these disciplines.
  • Being able to generate new synergies between the agents involved in the Art, Science and Technology fields
  • To offer innovative services regarding the fusion of Art and Technology
  • To offer reflexion spaces, meeting environments, consensus and new ideas and project birthplaces.
  • To weave a net of contacts and technology-artistic agents who can make a good use of those possibilities brought by the coalescence of Art and Technology.