Technarte Talk La Palma A crowded session of Technarte Talk, technology and stars, held on the island of la Palma.

On the third of February 2016 the TECHNARTE TALK event took place in Casa Salazar of Santa Cruz de la Palma, it was attended by more than fifty people. Important personalities from the world of astrophysics attended the session, such as Emilio Molinari, director of the Galileo telescope, or Juan Carlos Arencibia director of the Observatory of ‘Roque de los Muchachos‘ […]

Technarte conquers Los Angeles The event brought together several international artists as well as professionals from the world of art and technology who shared their projects, proposals and the current state of the fusion of art, science and technology

The International Conference on Art and Technology organized by Technarte landed in Los Angeles on December 10th to celebrate its first edition across the ocean. Artists and professionals from the different fields of art, technology and science arrived at Writers Boot Camp located at Bergamot Station, the most important art galleries complex in the city […]

Technarte conquista Los Ángeles El evento reunió a diferentes artistas internacionales así como a profesionales del mundo del arte y la tecnología que compartieron proyectos, propuestas y el estado actual de la fusión entre arte, ciencia y tecnología

La Conferencia Internacional de Arte y Tecnología organizada por Technarte aterrizó en Los Ángeles el pasado 10 de diciembre para celebrar allí su primera edición al otro lado del océano. Artistas y profesionales de los campos artísticos, tecnológicos y científicos se dieron cita en el Writers Boot Camp situado en Bergamot Station, el complejo de […]

Jessie Hughes, beneficiary of the artist residence TECHNARTE START LA PALMA ‘Soul of Sol – La Palma’ is a generative recordings of La Palma data-visualising art installation that reimagines solar physics to create an emotive experience of empathy between Man and his life-giving star.

We are pleased to announce the resolution of the START TECHNARTE LA PALMA call, artist residency program in astronomical observatories to encourage creation and creativity in technological and scientific environments.

The art of the invisible Nanotechnology and Art

In the last 9 years the Italian artist Alessandro Scali has created a series of micro and nanometric artworks representing so far, at national and international level, the exceeding of a limit, of a boundary, of a necessity: that of an art visible to the naked eye. His  nano & micro artworks plays on the aesthetic paradox […]

The artist Teresa Jareño will compose a soundtrack for Antarctica "I will create music based on natural sounds found there and I will show the world what is happening on the continent"

“I will create music based on natural sounds found there and I will show the world what is happening on the continent” This weekend Teresa Jareño, the twenty-seven- years-old student winner of the artistic scholarship of in Antarctica organised by Technarte in collaboration with the the Antarctic National Management of the Argentine Republic and the […]

Art and technology to create a work in direct connection with the science of Astronomy Call for artistic residence in el Roque de los Muchachos astronomy observatory in La Palma

It was Antartica in first place, and now it is the Astronomical Observatory of the Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma. Technarte prepares one more time an artistic residence program in a unique, exceptional and almost impossible place to reach for the common of mortals. Only accessible through a scientific or […]

Teresa Jareño, winner of the scholarship of artistic residence Art in Antartica The winner project, “Bone of water”, has as its main goal the creation of an acoustic environment of the Antarctica taking into account the lack of native human population and the absence of culture this fact means.

Technarte has announced the winner of the scholarship winner of the scholarship of artistic residence Art in Antarctica, a cultural programme that started up because of the responsibility of taking care of the Antarctic heritage and the environment of our planet. This opportunity is an artistic and technologic challenge organised by Technarte in collaboration with […]

Technarte celebrates its tenth anniversary with a great reception The event gathered different creative artists, researchers and engineers of the present time with the purpose of showing the most innovative artistic disciplines that use technology as a creation tool

About a hundred people attended the Technarte’s tenth edition in Bizkaia Aretoa/UPV/EHU, the International Conference of Art and Technology, that gathered the most important international artists, researchers and creative engineers of the moment. The new technological trends applied to the artistic creation were the core of the event organized by Asociación Innovalia during the days […]