Social events and networking
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Social events and networking

During the International Conference on Art and Technology we also promote the connection between speakers, attendees, and eventual sponsors. One of the most important aspects for us during Technarte is to offer the possibility to enjoy inspiring networking days with international artists and professionals from technology world. The social events during the Conference is where artists and attendees chat together about new ideas, interesting projects and share their own vision of the future in the fusion between art and technology. Relaxing moments that complement the artistic, technological and interesting presentations.

Warming up day

The day before to the beginning of the Conference we organize a warming up with the speakers. The goal is to create a connected team with the speakers and to enjoy a friendly hours before the Conference. Visiting a Museum, a city tour or a informal dinner are good plans for a nice day before.

Coffee breaks, lunchs, dinner and more

Time for coffee breaks during the conference, informal lunchs and the official dinner with speakers and  attendees.

LA_004In Technarte we are aware of the importance of creating a wide net with artists and professionals of culture, art and technology, not only for us, but for the speakers and attendees as well.  Because of this, during the two conference days, we schedule different moments for networking between attendees and speakers in which all of them can connect each others in a informal or professional way.

A lot of new ideas and projects arise during networking moments in Technarte, creating a great platform of artistic and technological opportunities.

You will be able to keep in contact with some of the most important international artists using innovative technology.