Ana Marcos Ana Marcos

Ana Marcos’s works have spanned a variety of media, from painting and photography to installations, and most recently, digital and interactive video installations.  Ana Marcos is a graduate of Madrid University in Fine Arts and Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University, Madrid . Her recent collective exhibitions were organized by Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Alcobendas, Círculo de BBAA Madrid, Museo Universitario de Alicante MUA, Museo Universitario de Valladolid; Museo Provincial Palacio del Infantado, Guadalajara. Korean Foundation Gallery, Museo del Arte del Banco de la República, Bogotá, Colombia. Museo de Narni, Italia. She had past solo exhibition at the Contemporary Art galleries and Institutions like Alcatel Foundation in Germany or Fundación Diaz Caneja, Spain.

I am an active member of 3Dinteractivo goup who is a researching endeavor, looking for a deeper understanding of the relationship among art, science and technology. By working on new ways of expression and communications in Arts, the group works on art forms where sensorial and emotional experimentation and its interaction with the world are the most relevant matters.

3DInteractivo began in 2010 with a group of engineers and artists interested in experimenting with simulation software and 3D interaction. In a context where many artistic structures are under question, 3DInteractivo wants to vindicate the crucial role of Arts  in the investigation of other ways of conceiving the world and building relationship between Humans and Virtual Systems.

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