Borja de la Maza

Borja de la Maza is a engineer, designer, and entrepreneur. He started his formal training as a
mechanical engineer at the Bilbao engineering school, and continued with a second master in
engineering at the Ecole d ́Arts et Metiers at Bordeaux. During this period he introduce himself
to the basic techniques of mechanical design, manufacturing and design, leading to his first
projects in a demountable trimaran and manufacturing of stage decorations. He started
working as an engineer in instrumentation design at Trimek in the Basque country. After few
years he decided to continue his training in the field of instrumentation research at the
university of North Carolina, where he developed his skills by working as a researcher in
sensors and electronics for nanometrology applications. He made his come back to join
Innovalia group, where he started Kumo technologies, a startup that develops new
technologies for the 3d visualization and 3d scanning. This experience lead him to join the
Technarte team, where he is working as a promoter and producer for Technarte studio. He has
developed his interest around the use of data and its interaction between the real and virtual
Networkdancers is his last project, where he develops his deep interest in the representation of
big data as a visual expression to represent and connect human live.

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