Déborah y Hadin Déborah López
& Hadin Charbel

Déborah López and Hadin Charbel are currently PhD candidates at Obuchi Lab at the University of Tokyo, where they also completed their Master’s degree and have been awarded the Monbukagakusho scholarship.

Deborah received a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s of Architecture from the European University of Madrid. Her Master’s Thesis ‘Transerai’ was recently awarded first prize in the competition Premio Luz y Arquitectura a los más innovadores Proyectos Fin de Carrera de Arquitectura de España y Portugal organized by Phillips and The European University of Madrid.

Hadin received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from UCLA. Together they received the Excellence Award at the Real Size Competition in Osaka, and the second prize in the ASA International Competition What is the New Basic? They have recently presented a collaborative research project ‘The Human Touch in Digital Fabrication’ at the 2016 ACADIA Conference at The University of Michigan. Their research currently examines the potential relationships between humans and computational tools in the fabrication process.

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