Jessie Hughes Jessie Hughes

Jessie Hughes is a creative thinker; a passenger of her abstract mind who pushes the envelope until it falls off the table.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interactive and Visual Design, her strengths lay in creative problem solving, identifying as a new media artist, visual designer and programmer. She is driven by the infinite possibilities modern technologies open to the art world to so acutely reflect real-world phenomenons. Her passions lay in exploring and representing the female form and experience, in investigating and understanding the science and rules that construct our universe, and in personally travelling to every nook and cranny on this levitating Pale Blue Dot.
Hughes has exhibited artwork at exhibitions in New York, San Diego, Sydney and Brisbane. She has studied design at universities in Australia, the United States, and in Japan. Her passport is permanently lodged in her back pocket.

Soul of Sol – La Palma’ was conceived in response to Technarte’s call to produce a work of art that embraces the science of astronomy with the abilities of technology as an indispensible element. The proposed project explores new ways of approaching and understanding contemporary art whilst seizing the enormous potential of the fusion between Art, Science and Technology.

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