Mateusz Marpi Marpi

Mateusz MarpiMarpi is a Polish born San Francisco based Digital Artist. His mission is to build tools that let people be creative by enabling them to create digital art that they can claim as their own. His art is interactive, scalable, and multiplatform. By creating windows into the same universe Marpi provides an empty canvas where the art does not exist until the people interact.

Marpi’s career started in the commercial world for clients including Google, Microsoft, and Adobe. Currently he is working with Obscura as Director of Web and Experiential Design. The skills gathered from his industry experience transfer to his personal practice. His work has exhibited internationally including ArtFutura Roma, Resonate, and Currents Festival.

His work has been publicly and professionally recognized, receiving nominations and winning several awards including Golden Lions, SXSW Interactive and .NET Magazine site of the year.


Building generative worlds


Odra | An everlasting underwater music experiment by Marpi

Marpi works a lot with interactive art installations, generative lifeforms, procedural environments. Through different digital mediums he lets people interact and create things that are, in a way, alive. Trying to imagine how architecture, events, art galleries, public space can interact back. Marpi is part of creative groups leading the interactive art events around bay area, and slowly moving internationally, with what he think might be a new type of digital entertainment in the near future. He has generated insects, plants, creatures, landscapes, planets, all in different shapes and sizes. Marpi guess he just really like making worlds, and he is going to show a journey through all of them.

There’s a lot going on now. We’re in the middle of the VR revolution, WebVR is taking shape, MR is around the corner. We’re never really ‘away from the keyboard’ anymore. The next generation will wonder why we distinguished digital from real in the first place.

Mass Migrations

Interactive installation based on Mass Migrations using HTC VIve controllers by Marpi

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