Nancy Bohem Nancy Boehm

Nancy Boehm is a young interaction designer specialised in smart textiles. She works as freelance from Paris, and as a consultant on innovative wearables for different companies. Aside from this, she is a young entrepreneur in the smart textiles field and an active member of the fashiontech ecosystem. From a traditional textile and fashion background, She learned the basis of electronics in a Parisian hackerspace. She did herfirst wearable tech showpiece in 2011 and continued with other prices since then. Then she moved on to a masters degree in Interaction design where she had the pleasure to work on very various projects, collaborating with engineers, doctors, scientists, hackers…

She is the secretary of Lafashiontech, the first french association for innovative and responsible fashion. Aside from this, She’s part time fashiontech shows co-coordinator and blogger on positive impact innovation and smart textiles.

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