Nicolas Garcia Belmonte Nicolas Garcia Belmonte

Nicolas Garcia Belmnote’s work spans from advanced graphics techniques to data journalism, including data illustration, abstract data visualization, scientific visualization, etc.

At Twitter he led a platform which generated interactive visualizations for News, Government, Brand Strategy, Sales, Sports and Music teams. He was responsible for the public-facing data visualization work. He created visualizations that were featured in the Twitter IPO videos, live presentations at Cannes, the NYTimes and other media outlets.

Before joining Twitter he created visualization frameworks using web standards (SVG, Canvas, WebGL) that were used by organizations like Google, Twitter, Uber, NASA and the White House. In 2010 one of his frameworks ( was acquired by Sencha, Inc.

He has been also a speaker at information visualization and web technologies conferences in different countries. He gave presentations in English, French and Spanish at places like the BBC in London, JSConf in Berlin, OpenVisConf in Boston.

Today He leads Uber’s data visualization team. His team does visual exploratory analysis to help data science and data engineering understand their dataset.

Other things he enjoys doing besides work include (but are not limited to): table tennis, tennis, reading french novels, playing the guitar, reading about foundations of math and philosophy.

Go to to see his latest work.

Temperature anomalies

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