OPN Studio OPN Studio

OPN Studio, is a duo formed by Susana Ballesteros and Jano Montañés.

Sinestesia II

Sinestesia II. OPN Studio

Both combine complementary training based on, Art, Design, Programming, Mechanical, Electronics and Audiovisual that clearly mark all their line of work. Their investigation reflects on the individual as a social being in a broad context. Their work unifies several fields : Art , Science and Technology, deepens topics as present as individualism , isolation , narcissism and social behavior among others , through new technologies , such as electronics, robotics, video and interactive installation as the primary means of expression and direct transmitter, thus facilitating reflection by creating a more direct dialogue with the viewer.

They have made ​​both collective and individual exhibitions in Europe and South America, in countries such as Finland, France, Dominican Republic, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador or Mexico, highlighting national, ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair , Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid within the National Injuve Awards , Patio Herreriano , IAACC Pablo Serrano, Würth Museum and Torrente Ballester Foundation.




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