Patxi Araujo Patxi Araujo

Patxi Araujo (Pamplona, 1967) is an artist and professor of the Department of Art and Technology Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. Artist experienced in the field of fine arts, has applied his research in scenery, sound, visual generation, installations, events and interactive environments. His work explores the relationships between art, technology and poetics. From this interest was born Clarke’s 3rd Law (2008), a project that analyzes and recreates the territory of the techno-magic and Tears of Alice (2009), conceived as a meeting point for an aesthetic synaesthesic and hyperconnective. Soft_Wall (2010) investigates significant applications throughout the world mapping.

Turba, concert in 15 movements for 65 neural oscillators

Turba, concert in 15 movements for 65 neural oscillators. Patxi Araujo

Currently is developing the whole project Codex Contaminari_Humana Coded as an exercise of aesthetic criticism and creation around the concept of the “human”. Through bodies, perceptions and metaphors coming from environments of culture, programming, robotics, artificial life and simulation, the project researches the human-machine dialogue. In this strangely real virtuality, around  the digital culture of apparent realities, of artifacts without soul and disembodied thoughts, Araujo is working with software entities located in the unlikely boundary between a spiritual dimension and other purely technological.

His work has been exhibited, among others at  ArtFutura XXI,  EspacioEnter, In-Sonora V,  Manifesta 8 (European Biennial of Contemporary Art),  Tabakalera  International Centre for Contemporary Culture , BilbaoArte Fundation, Centre of Contemporary Art (Huarte), MEM (Bilbao) and Festival of Image, Manizales, Colombia.

His teaching job focuses on developing creative strategies from the field of programming for an artistic and post-humanistic context. He has collaborated with the University of Caldas (Colombia) as a teacher in the Master and Doctorate of Design and Interactive Creation and in the ADA Encounters (Art, Design and Architecture) at the University of Zulia. He is member of the Creative Code Hirikilabs / Tabakalera and TeknotraKitana.

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