Paul-Felix Montez Paul-Felix Montez

Paul-Felix Montez brings 35 years of scenic design production design, special effects design from “Live” theater, theme parks, live event production and major feature films to the project such as “Batman Forever, Congo, Indian in the Cupboard ( a 35 foot long boy’s sneaker and a six foot high baseball, both in 100 percent detail for this film), Showgirls (Volcanic sets), Men in Black, Cable Guy, Armaggedon (An Angry Meteor), and many others”. He has also designed for theme parks (Disney and Universal), theme retail stores (Warner Bros, and Universal), and Casinos throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the world.

A winner of numerous theater design, and theme design awards culminating in “magic stage shows etc” gives him a 3D level of experience in film and TV directing mixed with theater in the round and CGI production to formulate a visually dynamic and exciting 3D virtual experience world for the VR Peace Museum. With over 5 screen and playwrighting awards, and a journalism background, he can fulfill the necessary research, depth and visual storytelling needed to create highly “empathic” VR filmed shorts and dynamic visual story lines for the backgrounds being presented within the project. 360 live theater design and directing, has shown me when coupled with years of film design and production that VR is the interweaving of the two, not in a formulaic way but rather with the fine-tuned artistry of a powerful magic show storytelling,

Wiser technology in art and placemaking installation for Wiser cities


Can we create in the 21st century not only “smarter cities” but wiser cities as well. The United Nations endorsed global art installation and peace project by artist Paul-Felix Montez address this in the area of conceptual thinking, coupled with a simple installation approach easily accessible to millions, and hundreds of locations world wide.

His Peace Walkway project uses APP, augmented reality and Virtual reality in it’s efforts to inform individuals as amplify central values of any community utilizing platemaking. His project is 100 global locations, in empty parks, streets or place world wide, each getting a one mile long installation or peace walkway. Each Peace walkway is a Hollywood walk of fame but for peace makers in that locations language. Each Peace walkway is made up of 250 bronze plaques, each a different peacemaker. A smart APP when pointed at any plaque give a Pokemon go, style image of that peacemaker, click on that image and an entire timeline bio history of that peacemaker’s life is available. The App alos interconnects all the global locations and people suing the walkways anywhere in the world, as well as offers a Virtual Reality peace museum, that allows the viewer to walk in the shoes of a famous peacemaker at a key dramatic point in that peacemakers life. Thus the human experience, empathy levels for greater understanding and community building are presented. A wiser, place, a wiser city role model.

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