Yeli Karadayi Yeliz Karadayi

Yeliz Karadayi is a hybrid designer + developer with a focus in physical computing, currently working both as an Artist in Residence at Autodesk’s Pier 9 office and as as a Tangible Interaction Designer for research at Sony. Her process involves synthesizing design, coding, and engineering skills. She thrives in interdisciplinary groups, working in collaboration with others to find delightful new interactions within a given time frame. She is focused on understanding beyond aesthetic and functional solutions, delving into what is success within an interaction system.

Through her work, Yeliz explores her passion for a future in which humans and machines can work together to perform collaborations that engage in creative design and fabrication processes, as well as exploring the social relationship people may have with machines. Where is the line between a collaborator and a tool? How can machines augment the analog process, as opposed to replacing it? How to people understand the machines they work with, and how does it influence their perception of authorship?

Yeliz graduated with a Master’s of Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University in December, 2015, and she completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor in Architecture in May 2014. Her years of experience with 3D modeling tools, 2D and 3D design, and parametric and data-based computation design for architecture sparked her interest in computer science as well as robotics, digital fabrication, and interaction design. She considers herself a hybrid designer, thriving as a maker and prototyper, while equally as comfortable in conceptualizing and exploring her passion for human-machine interactions.

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