The Network Dancers #9

Digital installation that presents human’s life into the network system. A constant flow shows the connections between voice and data. However, this is not the way we experience the network. It is enriched by the incorporation of feelings, wishes and human needs as well as vibration, emotions, to sum up, the “human inside”.

The flows of data extend, widen and change shape such as dancers to the sound of music, while they mix with the human being’s life, using color, light and movement transforming the physical into the digital.

Technique:  real time 3D rendering and visualization motor from a big data capturing platform.


About data

The network operators have access to dozens of data about the network and its use, however when analyzing it, human beings are not considered that essential. We think they are numbers and metrics without soul or context even though they are the ones that actually dictate our lives and the life of the network itself. We associate physical properties to each and every one of the numbers that give them position, speed, acceleration, form granting colors into our physical and digital life.


About Technology

We use the big data technology to capture in real time all the information from the Spanish network as well as the information of its users. Through this platform, we can capture and visualize big amounts of data that we will later connect automatically to a visualization motor that also operates consecutively in real time.


About Art

Fine arts, the best expression of the visual language, take us on a journey where we are guided through Kandinsky’s study of colors for representing the sensitivity of the data in relation to the human fact.

We put his famous chromatic study into movement making it dancing through the rhythm of music in a very special scene. People revitalize the network showing its complexity where its beauty can be found. Numbers and human beings melt into a composition. They are the network dancers.

Music: soundcloud