The Underground Connection
The Underground Connection, the city underground network seen though the perspective of the Argentine Joaquin Fargas.
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The Underground Connection

What do cities like Buenos Aires, Bilbao, New York, London, Medellin, Barcelona or Toronto have in common? They are big cities which are part of networks that promote social and cultural exchange. All of them with an important underground network. The underground areas in each of these cities give us a picture of the cultural diversity in the city, on the surface. This is a reflection of the society from the very inside of itself. These underground network also allow the connection, not only physically, but emotionally different seasons or areas of the city itself.


Metro Stations

Sarriko Station in Bilbao and Union Station in Toronto


Under this premise, the Argentine artist Joaquin Fargas shapes The Underground Connection, an artistic project born from the idea of ​​bringing closer and linking the international communities through art and technology using as a unifying vehicle the different undergrounds in the world. The project starts in Buenos Aires, and opens its connections to different cities around the world. Throughout all Europe Technarte promotes the participation of different cities and underground networks promoting the participation of both public and private entities.


Artistic and technological interventions

In order to promote a sense of unity and brotherhood between international communities, we are designing different actions and interventions for sensory and emotional connection of network users of different meters that make up the project through art and technology. For the final part of the project different underground stations from different cities will be selected while sharing names, aesthetic features and activities.

We are working on the design of the different artistic / technological interventions.

Through this international art project we put into value different underground new participant subway networks, as well as the own cities which will be part of it, projecting and consolidating its cultural and artistic image to the whole world.

Do you want to join?

If you want to join the project, such as metro, city or sponsor of this innovative art project, contact with Technarte. The international scope of the project will be broadened as as they add new cities with its network of suburban transport.