Technarte vision
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We are aware of the enormous potential of the fusion between Art, Science and Technology. That’s why we have been working for more than 10 years fostering and creating knowledge regarding these important areas for the development of our society. Technarte highlights the importance of the union between Arts, Science and Technology as a vessel to generate ideas and innovative opportunities, not only within the Arts, but also in Science and Technology.

Workshop Joaquín Fargas

The Argentinian Bio – Artist Joaquín Fargas during a workshop prepared by Technarte for the students of the University of the Basque Country – EHU

These ideas transcend the limits of the artistic creation itself while venturing within the product design, improvement of different processes or the new communication tools and the added value for event organization among other things. In the cultural and artistic field the use of the most innovative technologies offer infinite possibilities for the improvement of the artistic experience consumption.

Dwelling in the world of the Arts we can find new and groundbreaking disciples that arise from the union between Art, Science and Technology while creating a very interesting debate about the different ways in which we approach and understand this special world and its traditional references. Through the union between Art, Science and Technologythe different agents that take part in the coalescence of these areas, we are redefining the future of the Art and working for use of the most innovative Technology in the processes of Art creation and forthcoming.

These are our goals…

  • To spread the importance between the union of Art, Science and Technology as the basement for the development and knowledge of these disciplines.
  • Being able to generate new synergies between the agents involved in the Art, Science and Technology fields
  • To offer innovative services regarding the fusion of Art and Technology
  • To offer reflexion spaces, meeting environments, consensus and new ideas and project birthplaces.
  • To weave a net of contacts and technology-artistic agents who can make a good use of those possibilities brought by the coalescence of Art and Technology.