Frederik de Wilde Frederik De Wilde

Frederik De Wilde is an inter- and transdisciplinary artist, researcher and interfacer, acting on the border -and working on the interstice of- art + [science + technology].

Lead Angels

Lead Angels 1.0 by Frederik De Wilde

De Wilde is a creative and innovation consultant, micro entrepreneur, TED speaker, artistic and scientific advisory board member, project manager, (interaction) designer and teacher. De Wilde’s art is often experimental and tries to offer new insights in the nature of art, science and technology, how they interact (process) and how it can take shape (result).

His artworks have been exhibited in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.

Some of his latest artworks have been awarded internationaly. Blackest black project in collaboration with NASA, or his Quantum noise fluctuation based 3D models are two of his most representative projects related to art and science.

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